Why childbirth classes?

Childbirth classes in Macarthur...

There are several options for Childbirth classes in Macarthur.  Apart from the standard hospital classes on offer, you could choose instead to attend My Birth Toolkit, HypnoBirthing or calmbirth classes.There is something for everyone AND every budget. Invest in yourself and your baby so that you have the tools to have a wonderful birth experience. :)

There are many advantages to attending a class run by an independent educator. Here is a great article about this: 9 Reasons Why You Should Choose Independent Birth Education by Kelly Winder

In summary:

1. Independent educators are specialists in what they do

2. Information is not hospital policy biased

3. You'll see birth DVDs designed to inspire not frighten

4. You'll gain many more tools for natural pain relief

5. You will find out ALL your options

6. You do pay for what you get

7. You know who you are getting

8. Helps partners get more involved

9. It will help better form your birth preferences (aka plan)