Christa Buckland

Christa Buckland - Independent Childbirth Educator

Location: Campbelltown
Mobile: 0422 229 312

Training:  In addition to my doula training, I completed a Diploma of Childbirth Education and am a certified Hypnobirthing Australia practitioner.

  • Chidlbirth Educator - Chidlbirth International, 2010
  • Hypnobirthing practitioner - Hypnobirthing Australia, 2014
  • Trained caesarean practitioner - Hypnobirthing Australia, 2014

About me: I have 3 children aged 6, 5 and 4. While my first birth experience was traumatic, my second and third births were empowering and transformative. The difference was due to preparation. Since then I have become incredibly passionate about helping women to prepare for birth so that they can feel calm and confident about their innate ability to birth their baby. I am so proud to be a part of the Hypnobirthing Australia team - it is a WONDERFUL program!!  I also offer 'The Positive Caesarean' course through Hypnobirthing Australia for mothers who are having a planned caesarean birth.  I continue to offer my birth class called My Birth Toolkit for women who prefer an 'active birth' philosophy to birth.  I am currently studying a public health degree at UWS to expand my role as a Health Educator and am in the process of developing community health programs.  I was a piano teacher before I had children and have always had a love of teaching and sharing knowledge with others.

Hypnobirthing classes

Info being updated shortly.  Please go to for more info.

$550 - group course

$770 - private class

The Positive Caesarean course

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$395 - 4 hours private class in your home.

My Birth Toolkit

This class is ideal for women who are not interested (or unsure) about hypnobirthing.  I HIGHLY recommend Hypnobirthing but understand that it's not everyone's "thing".  I have developed a comprehensive course covering just about every birth tool there is so you can choose what suits you best!!  You can choose from a 4 hour or 6 hour private session.  It can be conducted in the comfort of your own home (or mine if you prefer).  Both options are incredible value as they include ongoing support throughout your pregnancy and 12 months after the birth.

4 hours - $300

(includes Nurtured Mamas Program)

6 hours - $400

(includes Nurtured Mamas Program)

What's included?

face-to-face workshop
online supplementary course
completely tailored to your needs
in the comfort of your own home
unlimited email/online support
workbook and handouts
Gift for mamas

This is information that EVERY mama and birth partner needs to effectively prepare for birth.

Because you deserve a beautiful and safe birth!

My Birth Toolkit - Birth Preparation Course

My birth toolkit is a COMPLETE and COMPREHENSIVE antenatal class with a difference!  It's positive, practical & fun!!!

Come and join me for an action-packed day which focusses solely on what you need to DO to have a wonderful birth experience!! 

In addition to learning over 50 PRACTICAL TOOLS (incorporating both active and hypno-birth principles), you will also have access to the ONLINE course (which includes additional material such as videos, articles, forum, quizzes and much more!) PLUS handouts, a gift pack for mum AND ongoing phone/email/online support.

It covers EVERYTHING you need to know about birth including:
- how your body works during the birthing process
- how your thoughts and emotions can affect your experience
- natural and medical pain relief options
- pros, cons and alternatives of common medical interventions
- birth partner coaching
- breastfeeding information and support
- how to bond with your baby
...........JUST TO NAME A FEW!! ;)

Top 6 reasons to attend My Birth Toolkit:

  • COMPREHENSIVE - access to full course online with supplementary material
  • CONDENSED - 4 or 6 hour face-to-face workshop 
  • CONVENIENT - I'll come to you!
  • ENGAGING - activity-based and interactive
  • PRACTICAL - it's all about what to DO
  • VALUE - complete support throughout your pregnancy and baby's first year!

In addition to this:
  • Each mama receives a gift pack
  • You will meet other couples who are preparing for a positive birth experience
  • I provide ongoing phone and email support
  • I use high quality teaching materials and handouts


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