Care Provider Options

Care Provider Options

The first step, after you have confirmed your pregnancy with your GP, is to choose a care provider. (Note: Most care providers require a referral from your GP). A care provider is involved in monitoring yours and your baby's health during your pregnancy, birth and post partum. Some care providers book out fast so the earlier you contact them, the more chance you will have of getting in.

It's best to choose a care provider who is supportive of the type of birth experience you would like to have and shares a similar philosophy of birth to you. Asking lots of questions will help you to decide if they are compatible with you and your choices for childbirth. If you would like to avoid a certain medical intervention (such as induction or episiotomy), find a care provider who has a very low rate of using that particular intervention. Each care provider keeps statistics on the birth outcomes of their patients and should be able to answer such questions with confidence. More information on statistics can be found here.

It is important that you feel comfortable with your care provider. If, at ANY point, you feel uncomfortable with your care provider, you have the right to change care providers.

Models of Care

Below is a summary of each model of care available in our local area. 

For more info, click here. >> Choosing a model of care

You choose an independent midwife who looks after you throughout your pregnancy, during the birth and postpartum.  The advantage of this is that you have continuity of care with a known (and personally selected) midwife.  Some midwives are partially funded by Medicare and some costs may be covered under private health insurance.  For more info, please click here.

You are assigned a midwife (from the hospital) who cares for you throughout your pregnancy, during the birth and postpartum.  This also provides you with continuity of care with a known midwife and is fully funded by Medicare.  There are limited places available at each (public) hospital and places fill up quickly so BOOK IN EARLY!

The Midwives Clinic is run from the hospital and you see whichever midwife happens to be on duty at the time of each prenatal appointment, the birth and postpartum.  You will usually see several different midwives throughout your care.  This is fully funded by Medicare.

Your prenatal appointments are shared between the midwives at the Midwives Clinic and your GP. You birth as per the Midwives Clinic. This is funded by Medicare with some extra fees if your GP does not bulk bill.   You need to book in with the Midwives Clinic at the hospital and notify your GP also.

This is where you book in with an Obstetrician in private practice.  To do this you first need a referral from  your GP.  You will birth at a hospital that the Obstetrician has practicing rights in.  Prenatal care is with your Obstetrician.  You are attended by midwives during the birth and the obstetrician is called when birth is imminent or complications arise.  Post partum care is provided by the hospital midwives. Partially funded by Medicare.  Additional costs, depending on Obstetrician fees, hospital fees and how much your private health insurance covers.

Overview of Local Birth Places

Birthing at home is a safe option for many women.  Our local hospitals currently do not run a homebirth program, however you can hire a private midwife to attend you at home. 
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Camden Hospital is located on Menangle Road, Camden 2570.  You can book into Camden Hospital for the Midwives Clinic, Shared Care or Caseload. You are referred to the hospital Obstetricians if/when needed.  Prenatal appointments are at Camden Hospital, however all women birth at Campbelltown Hospital.  There is an allocated birthing suite for Camden patients and you will be attended by a Camden midwife.
Phone: 02 4634 3000 (Camden and Cambpelltown share the same switchboard)

Campbelltown Hospital is located on Therry Road, Campbelltown 2560.  You can book into Campbelltown Hospital for the Midwives Clinic, Shared Care or Caseload.  You are referred to the hospital Obstetricians if/when needed.
Phone: 02 4634 3000 (Cambpelltown and Camden share the same switchboard)

Liverpool Hospital is located on Elizabeth Street, Liverpool 2170.
Phone: 02 9828 3000

Sydney Southwest Private Hospital is located at 40 Bigge Street, Liverpool 2170.
Phone: 02 9821 0333

Note: There are other birth centres and hospitals available throughout Sydney, however most women prefer to choose a service that is close by to avoid lengthy travelling while in labour!